We offer physical therapy treatment for a variety of orthopedic related conditions and injuries; pre- and post- operative as well as non-surgical cases. We also focus on gait and balance training as a treatment for musculoskeletal injury, movement dysfunction or weakness. Our specifically designed treatment approach for your condition will improve and restore your physical function and mobility; and help prevent future injuries and health related problems.​



At Riverdale Sports Physical Therapy our mission is to provide exceptional, progressive and cost effective physical therapy services through personalized care that emphasizes functional independence for you. Our non-invasive approach allows you to recover quickly and resume your normal activities with minimal downtime. Our physical therapists are experts in restoration and preservation of physical function and mobility. Our goals are to minimize pain, restore function and promote adaption to improve your quality of life. Our mission is to educate and empower you, so that you can maintain consistent and safe progress and restore the freedom and independence that you once had.




Ice, Heat, ElectrIcal Stimulation.



Promotes muscle tissue pliability, decreases pain, and increases flexibility.


Exercise and Stretching

Reduces stress on joints, addresses flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance and range of motion. Also helps to prevent future injuries by stabilizing muscles.



A specialized exercise program targeted for patients who have difficulty walking and who have been diagnosed with proprioceptive imbalances and inner ear conditions, such as vertigo, which affect the physiological aspect of balance.



Includes home safety techniques, home exercise strengthening/stretching programs, activity modification, proper use of equipment, and education on diagnoses and prognoses, to ensure safety and prevent re-injuries or new injuries.




  • Ensure that you are performing your daily activities safely. 

  • Take the right approach to protecting your muscles and joints and avoiding re-injury.

  • Aid in educating you about proper use of assistive devices such as crutches or wheelchairs.

  • Provide you with a home exercise program designed to help with your injury or condition.

  • Kinesio Taping: to stimulate muscle re-education. Vestibular Rehab: an exercise based program to promote center nervous system compensation of inner ear deficits.

  • Postural education: such as ergonomics for home and work, as well as spinal safety and education.

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